• Are Exterminators And Controllers On Same Page?

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You need to understand the given job descriptions to appreciate what really goes on. Could there be a vast gulf between a specialist tick control expert and a tick exterminator near me in Indianapolis? Or are the technician and exterminator one and the same person? Are they working for the same company? Are they on the same page? Or is the exterminator a law unto himself? Who to assign to a reported site could have something to do with the customer’s report or remarks.

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It could also have something to do with the actual area in which the reported pest infestation occurs. For example, if ticks have indeed been located on a residential property, every effort should be made to exterminate the insects on the property. What needs to be borne in mind is that insect species in general are ferociously adaptable and no amount of conventional methods and its poisons appear to have worked.

Let’s also just say that this is an exterminator that has been to the jungle. Because it turns out that the poisons he is now using is sourced from that location. It turns out that this is a far more formidable poison to which insects have yet to adapt. And let’s just say that when the exterminator utilises this poison, he kills the insects on the spot. But just to make certain that this method has worked, the pest control technician will be required to do a follow-up tour of the affected premises.

But should infestations have occurred close to natural or wild areas, pest control technicians and their trigger-happy exterminators need to be a little more careful. Because in this instance, they need to make certain that they are not tampering with the natural ecosystem of which ticks form and integral part.